Mexican Pinguicula (Butterworts)

Mexican Pinguicula are excellent house plants and most species and hybrids rank among the easiest carnivorous plants to grow.

Native to mountainous regions in Mexico and Central America where they grow in seasonal fog forests on limestone cliffs, tree trunks, moss, mineral seepage streams, and north facing rocky cliffs. Most of the Mexican species and hybrids have two distinctly different growing seasons and leaf type resulting in a spectacular metamorphosis like having two plants in one! The summer leaves are covered by tiny hairs that produce sticky mucus that traps insects like flypaper, during their summer growing season plants want warm, wet conditions. During the winter seasons plants produce succulent and not carnivorous leaves that lack sticky trichomes. During the winter when they are in the succulent state they should be kept cooler and drier. Since these conditions are typical of those in a house they make great house plants in a bright sunny window.

IMG_4813Pinguicula ‘Weser’ a popular Mexican Pinguicula (Butterwort) hybrid during the summer wet growing season.