'Bristle Tooth' Venus flytrap 10+ Seeds
'Bristle Tooth' Venus flytrap 10+ Seeds

'Bristle Tooth' Venus flytrap 10+ Seeds

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We’re offering super fresh packs of 10+ seeds of Dionaea muscipula 'Bristle Tooth' Venus Flytrap for sale. These seeds are super fresh and were harvested from our nursery during September 2022

Dionaea muscipula 'Bristle Tooth' is a striking and unique registered cultivar. The trap's feature vicious looking irregular jagged teeth with bright red trap interiors. In addition to it's very unique appearance "Bristle Tooth' is a vigorous grower capable of producing large, striking traps. A true stand out in any collection!

These seeds are open pollinated, the seed producing plant is a 'Bristle Tooth' that has been pollinated from other 'Bristle Tooth' flowers or from some of our other fantastic flytrap cultivars that were in bloom at the same time.

We harvest all Carnivorous Plant seeds using sanitized tools to maximize seed viability and minimize contamination.

Extremely limited supply this year!