Nepenthes lowii (Mount Murud)
Nepenthes lowii (Mount Murud)
Nepenthes lowii (Mount Murud)
Nepenthes lowii (Mount Murud)

Nepenthes lowii (Mount Murud)

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These plants from Mount Murud are the most vigorous Nepenthes lowii plants we've grown.

Distinct and beautiful from even early stage these Mount Murud, N. lowii feature very dark, tubby juvenile pitchers with wide round mouths. Along withe their generally vigorous growth for such a slow growing species, these plants exhibit the famous lowii bristles under the lid even in young juvenile plants.

Without a doubt Nepenthes lowii is one of the true wonders of the plant kingdom and once of the most unusual and spectacular of all carnivorous plants.

Rare in nature and cultivation, N. lowii is a highland species endemic to a handful of isolated mountain peaks in Borneo. N. lowii typically inhabits mossy, upper montane forest with high humidity and good light. It's equally famous for it's bizarre appearance as it is for the fact that that mature pitchers have evolved away from a primarily carnivorous habit to function as toilets for tree shrews and birds, deriving valuable nutrients from their droppings in the process.

N. lowii produces some of the coolest and most bizarre pitchers of all Nepenthes. The dark purple lower pitchers feature a toothy, multicolored peristome and bizarre bristles that grow down from the inside of the lid.

The upper pitchers are large and have a distinct hour-glass shape, bulbous at the bottom, constricted in the middle with a highly flared funnel shaped upper pitcher. These amazing large woody pitchers truly resemble kaleidoscopic toilets!

Although this species is well know to be a slow grower especially when young, we're offering nice, well-established small plants (~4cm/1.5 " across) that are already going through there first major growth spurt and ready to thrive in their new homes.

Pictures 1: Lower pitchers of N. lowii, Mount Murud (Not plants for sale).                                                                

Pictures 2-4: Example of actual N. lowii, Mount .

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