Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaf Sundew)

Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaf Sundew)

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A favorite and absolute classic Canadian native carnivorous plant. Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaved Sundew) is a beautiful, temperate carnivorous plant species found in Sphagnum bogs, marshes, and fens.

Although fairly common in its wild habitat,  D. rotundifolia is relatively rare in cultivation as it require particular conditions in cultivation to thrive. It prefers bright but not scorching light conditions, warm to cool conditions during the day and cool nights. This compact species prefers a somewhat sheltered growing position in or around other temperate plants like at the base of a Sarracenia or flytrap, or in a bog planter.

D. rotundifolia is a temperate carnivorous plant that will die back int the winter and form a tight winter resting bud (Hibernaculum) before it resumes growth in Spring.

A beautiful and striking carnivorous plant found throughout Canada, a must have!

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