Nepenthes (vetchii x lowii) x burbidgeae (Seed Grown)

Nepenthes (vetchii x lowii) x burbidgeae (Seed Grown)

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Nepenthes (vetchii x lowii) x burbidgeae is a new and very spectacular seed-grown Nepenthes creation from our nursery. This rare hybrid is a combination of three (vetchii, lowii & burbidgeae)of the most unique and desirable Nepenthes species in the entire genus. Each of the parent species offers such fine attributes it would seem hard to go wrong and thus far these seedlings do not disappoint! 

Seed grown plants, limited supply. As with any seed grown offering each plant is genetically unique.

Plants for sale are 5cm+ (2"+) rosettes.

This hybrid has incredible potential, supply is very limited!