Nepenthes aristolochioides (Horticultural Seed Grown)

Nepenthes aristolochioides (Horticultural Seed Grown)

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Our favorite Nepenthes species and one of the most bizarre of all plants.

Nepenthes aristolochioides is highland species native to Sumatra, Indonesia. It's famous for it's totally unique and sophisticated pitchers that resemble translucent, red-speckled balloons. Unlike almost all other Nepenthes the pitchers peristome faces outward and is positioned horizontally on the front side of the pitcher producing a pronounced hunchback profile. The pitchers of N. aristolochioides have been found to utilize a sophisticated "false exit" light trap in which disoriented insect prey mistake the translucent interior as an escape route in juxtaposition to the darkly pigmented horizontal peristome and lid. If that wasn't enough N. aristolochioides also has extremely viscous (gooey) pitcher fluid that acts to literally glue prey to the interior of the pitcher.

Already extremely rare in the wild and in cultivation, we're offering seed grown plants from horticulturally produced seeds. Ensuring enthusiasts can have access to seed grown plants without putting additional pressure on this amazing but extremely threatened species.

Plants for sale are well established seed grown individuals ~6.5cm (2.5+ Inch) across.