Pinguicula 'Golden Eye'
Pinguicula 'Golden Eye'

Pinguicula 'Golden Eye'

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Pinguicula 'Golden Eye'  is a remarkable, beautiful, and incredibly rare Mexican Butterwort carnivorous plant.

P. 'Golden Eye' if the first yellow flowered Pinguicula in the world! Not only is the colour totally unique, the flowers are also huge, spectacular, and shaped unlike any other Pinguicula we've ever seen.  P. "Golden Eye' originated in Europe as a P. moranensis var. alba (Molango, Mexico) hybrid. A very rare opportunity to own this unique and rare carnivorous plant.

Supply is extremely limited!!!

Pinguicula specialize in catching gnats, fruit flies and other small insects. It makes a fantastic terrarium plant and will even grow well on a sunny windowsill if given warm (room temperature) conditions.

This plant will be shipped unpotted with the root system carefully wrapped, bagged, and protected for shipping.