Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea "Wistuba Clone"

Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea "Wistuba Clone"

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A completely stunning pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea is quite possibly the most sought after variety of all Sarracenia species. In full sun the outside of its tall pitchers turn a beautiful red colour that's offset by a striking green/gold peristome and red veined interior. S. flava var. atropurpurea grows and divides more slowly than most Sarracenia so patience and lots of sun are a must!

The "Wistuba Clone" clone combines all the great traits of the atropurpurea form with relative vigor and an especially awesome red-pigmented throat patch.

S. flava var. atropurpurea "Wistuba Clone" is relatively slow to divide and may not be available again for some time.

Plants for sale are single growth point plants, divided from our mother plants in early Spring 2022.