Sarracenia "Polish Blood" x open pollinated 15+ seeds

Sarracenia "Polish Blood" x open pollinated 15+ seeds

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We’re offering packs of 15+ fresh seeds of Sarracenia "Polish Blood" x open pollinated.

An absolutely stunning Sarracenia clone that originated in Canada and has quickly become an in demand plant amongst international collectors. Its stout, wide pitchers, fantastic coloration and veining, define this clone. In many ways it resembles an exaggerated S. oreophila var. ornata. Superb!

Supply is limited!

These seeds are super fresh and were harvested from our nursery during October 2021.

We harvest all Carnivorous Plant seeds using sanitized tools to maximize seed viability and minimize contamination.

Seeds packs are shipped with growing instructions in padded envelopes to protect seed during transport.

Nous proposons des paquets de plus de 15 graines fraîches de Sarracenia 'Polish Blood' x pollinisées libres.

Un clone de Sarracenia absolument magnifique, originaire du Canada, qui est rapidement devenu un plante de Sarracenia très demandé par les collectionneurs internationaux. Ce clone est caractérisé par ses larges pichets larges, sa coloration fantastique et ses veinures. À bien des égards, il ressemble à un exagéré S. oreophila var. ornata, superbe!